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Step 1 申请进入靠谱买球app推荐



All students interested in admission to 靠谱买球app推荐 are required to take the free ACCUPLACER评估 or equivalent. The ACCUPLACER评估 provides information about your academic skills in reading, writing, and math. This information is used to determine if and what preparatory coursework you will need before full acceptance into your program of study at Hawkeye.

了解更多关于ACCUPLACER评估的信息, 测试地点和时间, 以及如何安排你的评估.

If you took the ACCUPLACER and the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) test but did not place in any classes on Main Campus, 联系靠谱买球app推荐成人学习中心 to take a test to see if you can take classes in the 英语语言学习计划 at the Adult Learning Center.

Step 2: Select a Track

Your assessment scores will help determine which track to choose.

If your assessment scores indicate that you are ready for transfer level courses, you are not required to select either track before enrolling in your program of study coursework, however, the kind of English needed to study and learn in college successfully is different and very formal. 你可能希望提高你的学术阅读, writing, 英语听力技能 by enrolling in 学术英语课程.


The 学术英语课程 will help you to improve your academic reading, writing, 英语听力技能.


College preparatory courses will help you improve your academic reading, writing, and math skills. Please keep in mind these classes are designed for students whose first language is English. 你可能希望提高你的学术阅读, writing, 英语听力技能 by completing the 学术英语课程 before starting the 发展性课程.

一旦你选择了一个轨道, you must complete all coursework in the track before enrolling in coursework from another track.


Academic English is different from everyday spoken English. Everyday spoken English is less formal and may be spoken with improper grammar, for example, 当你和朋友聊天的时候.


  • Reading to help you understand your study materials.
  • 写作来完成作业.
  • 听讲座,记笔记.
  • Describing an object, situation, process, or how something works.
  • 解释的东西.

学术英语课程 will help improve your academic English and get you ready for college level classes. 你将能够练习你的写作, listening, and speaking in English skills in a safe space with others that are learning along with you.


If English is not your first language and you want to improve your academic reading, writing, 英语听力技能, you should take the free English for Academic Purposes test in addition to the ACCUPLACER评估. The English for Academic Purposes test will help us determine which English for Academic Purposes course level you should begin with or if you should enroll in the 英语语言学习计划 before beginning the 学术英语课程.

This paper and pencil test consists of three parts: Reading (70 minutes), 写作(90分钟), 及听力(30分钟). 你可以在一天内完成这三个测试, or finish one or two tests and come back for the rest on a different day.

Scheduling your English for Academic Purposes Test

To schedule your English for Academic Purposes test, email Yumiko Uchiyama-Hansen 或致电319-296-4029.


学术英语课程 are different because they are designed for students whose first language is not English. Class sizes are kept small so you get more focused, individualized instruction.

Teachers in 学术英语课程:

  • Are trained to help you with questions about English grammar and writing.
  • 能帮助你阅读学术材料吗, 了解学术教科书, 练习你不认识的单词.
  • Can answer your questions about the American classroom and culture.
  • Are highly qualified to fill in the gaps of your understanding.


The English for Academic Purposes study skills lab course, ESL-020, may be required before taking intermediate classes, but can also be taken independently while in your intermediate or advanced level 学术英语课程.



Helpful Websites

We welcome all students, regardless of immigration status

靠谱买球app推荐 accepts new certificate, diploma, and degree-seeking students each semester: fall, spring, and summer. You may submit your online application at any time.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Hawkeye Admissions representatives can answer your questions about applying, ACCUPLACER和EAP分班测试, transcripts, residency, and more. Our dedicated staff is available to help you through the entire admissions process.


了解更多关于敢于梦想奖学金的信息 for undocumented, DACA, and other students that do not have access to federal/state financial aid based on immigrant status.



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